Industry's Fastest Log Management

100x Lower Compute and Storage than Splunk, Elastic, Loki
Why SigLens?

Efficient Scale

Scales linearly with your needs. From a workload of 8 TB/day on 8 vCPU to 1 PB/day on 800 vCPU.

Full Text Search

Search on any field and any sub-text of your log line. Support for wildcard and regex.

Query Time Field Extraction

Create new fields from an existing log line sub-text and use it in later stages of your pipeline query.

Fast Ingestion

Innovative MicroIndexing lets you index at lightening fast speeds.

Query Compatibility

Many query languages supported including Splunk QL, Elastic DSL, SQL, Loki LogQL.

Ingestion Formats

Wide variety of ingestion protocols supported: Open Telemetry, Elasticsearch, Splunk HEC, Loki, Vector, FluentD/FluentBit, Logstash, S3/SQS/SNS, Promtail.

Fast Install

Quick 1-min install with multiple methods of installation: Docker, Helm.

Simple Architecture

Single binary solution that reduces operational burden and increases reliability.

Single Pane of Glass

One UI. One database for logs, metrics and traces.

SigLens Differentiator
Install SigLens
curl -L | sh
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