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SigLens is an open source alternative to Splunk/DataDog

100x more efficient than Splunk and helps you reduce your observability bill by 90%

SigLens is a cutting-edge, purpose-built solution designed to efficiently manage massive volumes of data ranging from terabytes to petabytes, all while optimizing resource utilization. Functioning as a column-oriented database, SigLens incorporates dynamic columnar compressions to achieve an impressive 90% compression across diverse data types, spanning from low to high cardinality datasets.

One of SigLens' groundbreaking features is its micro indexing technology, a revolutionary advancement that significantly reduces the index size to just 1/100th of conventional indexes while maintaining equivalent functionality. These microindices exhibit dynamic adaptability, seamlessly adjusting to the evolving structure of the data.

Introducing another innovative element, SigLens introduces AgileAggsTrees, a unique approach designed to accelerate aggregation queries with unparalleled speed. By combining these state-of-the-art technologies, SigLens promises an unparalleled data management experience.

We cordially invite you to experience the power and efficiency of SigLens firsthand. Try out SigLens today and unlock a new realm of possibilities for handling and analyzing extensive datasets.

The unique aspects of SigLens

Easy and Efficient scalability: SigLens offers effortless scalability, adapting seamlessly to your data processing needs, whether you're dealing with 8 terabytes or a staggering 8 petabytes per day. Its linear scaling capability ensures efficient and consistent performance tailored to your specific requirements.

Full-text search: Navigating through an extensive log repository can be akin to finding a needle in a haystack. SigLens simplifies this challenge by enabling full-text search on any field or sub-text of your logs. With comprehensive support for regex and wildcard queries, SigLens empowers you to swiftly locate specific information within the vast sea of logs, enhancing your log exploration experience.

Dynamic Data Enrichment with Query Time Field Extraction: SigLens unlocks advanced flexibility by introducing the capability to create new fields from the sub-text of existing logs during query execution. This empowers users to seamlessly extract and incorporate additional information, enhancing the richness of data for further stages in the pipeline query. SigLens transforms your data processing workflow by offering dynamic data enrichment through query time field extraction.

Versatile Data Ingestion Compatibility: SigLens boasts extensive support for various ingestion protocols, ensuring compatibility with diverse sources. From Open Telemetry, Elasticsearch, Splunk HEC, Loki, Vector, FluentD/FluentBit, and Logstash, to S3/SQS/SNS, and Promtail, SigLens accommodates a broad spectrum of ingestion sources. Anticipate even more supported formats on the horizon, providing you with a comprehensive solution for seamless data intake from a multitude of platforms.

Unified Observability Experience with a Single Pane of Glass: SigLens introduces a "Single Pane of Glass" view, consolidating all your observability data into one centralized interface. No more juggling between 10 different dashboards. SigLens simplifies your experience by providing a unified platform. Customize your view further by creating personalized dashboards, ensuring you focus on the data that holds the utmost significance for your needs. Say hello to efficiency and simplicity with SigLens.

Effortless Onboarding for Time-Efficient Start: Short on time? No problem. SigLens offers a rapid onboarding process, ensuring a swift and hassle-free initiation. With three convenient starting points, getting your hands on SigLens is a breeze. Explore our Installation page to choose the method that best suits your preferences, and dive into the seamless experience of getting started with SigLens. Your journey begins with speed and simplicity.